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Bestselling Glassware Designs Made to Order

Bestselling Glassware Designs Made to Order

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These are my absolute best-selling glassware designs. They sell very, very quickly, so I rarely have any ready to ship out that haven't already been claimed. Here you can claim your glasses in these popular designs with no worries at all about it not being in stock or being claimed before you get to it. Right here, you can get as many glasses with these designs as you want and I will start making it as soon as your order comes in! In the drop downs, choose the design you want and choose the glass type you want. Then, choose how many. Once the order is confirmed, I get to work on your glasses.

You can choose from these sizes:

  • short 11oz highball
  • tall 16oz highball
  • short stem 16oz goblet
  • 11oz wine glass
  • 18oz wine glass

All painted glassware is fully cured for every day use. It is Top Rack Dishwasher Safe! You can wash the glasses use after use and the paint won't come off. I just wouldn't recommend letting them get scratched.

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