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"Hidden Oasis" Original Painting Amy Bridges

"Hidden Oasis" Original Painting Amy Bridges

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Discover an oasis of peaceful beauty with "Hidden Oasis", Amy Bridges' stunningly original watercolor painting. This large framed painting draws you into a hidden paradise where imagination and tranquility thrive. Let the captivating beauty of its colors uplift your space into a tranquil paradise.

"Hidden Oasis" is an original painting with watercolor and gouache on 30.5" x 44" cotton paper.

Completed in 2021.

Its frame was hand built to the painting's exact measurements after the painting was completed. It is covered by acrylic plexiglass.

Final Framed Size: 34 3/4 inches width x 47 1/2 inches height

If the piece is submitted to a gallery for an exhibition, this listing will become unavailable for sale until after the exhibition is over, unless it sells during the course of that exhibition.

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